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Unick ONE for everyone


Unick ONE project leader

Lubos is a quiet visionary with a great talent for guiding big ideas in the most elegant way. As team leader of the whole project, from the beginning he had a clear idea of how Unick ONE should look. As a reward, he invited the whole team to his cottage where he most likes to relax with his family. He likes Fernet - his dog :)


head of development team

Peter is a humble boss of all the Unick ONE developers. He controls all the development processes from design, programming, testing to the final version. Peter is a passionate hiker and you can meet him, for example, in a canoe on an arm of the Danube :)


methodologist and analyst

Without Andy, nothing would happen with the product :) As a methodologist, she was at the birth of Unick ONE and described in detail all the details of how the software should behave and what it should do. Andy coordinates all the development processes and in addition is a smart accountant, so she knows exactly the area in which the software is supposed to help. Andy is the most spiritual member of the team and does yoga :)


front-end developer

Marcel makes sure that what his other colleagues are programming on the inside, looks good on the outside. Thanks to him, the design of Unick ONE is programmed clearly, simply and intuitively. He actively plays floorball, hockeyball and hockey in his lucky no. 16 jersey. And beware – he is the champion at table football!


boss and coordinator of testers

Each function must undergo the first proposal, then programming, later designing and finally testing. Without Majo giving the green light that the function is tested or repaired nothing goes out. 35 kilos ago, he actively played football and hockey. He loves good wine and best relaxes by mowing the lawn :)



Martina is part of the testing team. She tests the correctness of the code, so that property, stocks and invoicing function correctly. It is thanks to her that you will find all the good advice in the integrated help in our manual marked with the symbol "?" At one time she swam competitively and her love for the sport has remained. She likes aerobics, goes hiking, picks mushrooms and in the garden she grows her own vegetables :)

User experiences

We have positive feedback from our clients about the intuitive use of the program, without the need for long training.
Mária ASIENTO - accounting company
Unick ONE is really user friendly, and very easy to orient in it. It remembers everything, which facilitates the following operations. Also well designed invoices look very nice. And most important, it is simple.
Mgr. Lucia Gažová bakery Lulus, s.r.o.

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