The best tools for businessmen

Simple invoicing

  • Clear menus, intuitive control and responsive design
  • Simple issuing of invoices anywhere and anytime
  • Automatic pre-filling of needed information in invoices
  • Automatic synchronisation of invoices in computer, tablet and smartphone
  • All invoices and document in one place in graphs and statistics

Useful functions

  • Possibility of adding colour logo to invoices completely free
  • Simple setting of repeating items in invoices and discounts
  • Warning of unreliable partners through CreditCheck
  • Professional invoicing with QR codes for simple payment
  • Invoices in all foreign currencies and the most used languages

Great tools to help you

One mobile application

  • All the most important information about your business in your smartphone
  • Overview of cash, assets, liabilities, debts and VAT situation
  • Invoices and receipts automatically shown to accountant after copying
  • Application available in the App store and also in Google Play

Connect with the accountant

  • If your accountant creates a profile in Unick ONE, you can connect simply
  • Connection is initiated by either of you with the button ”connect with user”
  • Immediately a unique two-way link is created between you
  • Thanks to it, the accountant sees every invoice and document you process
  • Your accountant can check, correct and book everything

Control your firm in one place

One profile for several companies

  • One registration, one profile, many possibilities
  • You no longer have to always create a new profile for every new company
  • In Unick ONE, you simply add any number of companies and switch views depending on what you need

One profile for many users

  • Does your partner need access to the firm overview?
  • He can create his own profile or you can do it too
  • You give him access, an anytime-editable password and send him notification by email directly from the application

Simplify your business

Connecting records

  • No more duplicating data entry like till now
  • We know the paper chase and we can help with it
  • Order – pro form invoice – delivery note and finally invoice
  • The document flow in Unick ONE is connected and record keeping is much simpler

Great support

  • Integrated help system and manual in system marked ”?”
  • Professional consultancy using the workplace hotline
  • The great One team always avaliable

User experiences

Based on my personal experience, I can say that Unick ONE is the best cloud accounting solution on the Slovak market.
Ján Sucha Accountant
I recommend Unick ONE, because it is clear, simple to use, and if you need, hotline staff advise you at any time.
Mgr. Soňa Rebrová publishers Bestseler

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