Importing electronic bank statements in your accounting

Do you spend too much time by manual typing of bank statement items?
Do you spend hours by matching invoices with payments on bank statements?

With HELIOS One you will not have to do such work any longer. Let us introduce to you the new functionality – importing electronic bank statements in your accounting. This functionality became an integral part of the new version of the Accounting module- for both single-entry and double-entry accounting. However, we also have in mind businesses - this functionality will be made available to them in the near future.

The new possibility of importing electronic bank statements brings significant time savings and, consequently, cost savings in relation to lower work load. It does not matter whether your bank statements include only a few items or whether they comprise several pages. In both cases you can use the new functionality allowing to download all items from your bank statements.

How to proceed?

Your electronic bank statements downloaded from your internet banking can be easily imported in a little while, using the option Payments – Import of Electronic Bank Statements. After the downloaded statement in a supported format is imported to HELIOS One, all entries from the statement are automatically downloaded within a few seconds. Another benefit compared to manual typing (in addition to time savings) is matching entries from bank statements with invoices posted in your accounting. There is no need to match payments with invoices manually; the system can identify them for you. Data in certain fields which serve for identification of payments can be adjusted if necessary. After adjustments and saving the statement, the processed bank statement is available under the ”Bank Statements” option, where it is further editable by you.

Supported formats of electronic bank statements:

HELIOS One supports SEPA format of bank statements for bank accounts denominated in both local and foreign currencies.

  • SEPA format - files with *.xml extension, with maximum size of statement 1 MB.

We also support older and less frequently used formats of statements for bank accounts denominated in both local and foreign currencies, including:

  • ABO format - files with *.gpc extension,
  • GEMINI format - files with *.sdf, *.txt extensions,
  • Multicash - files with *.sta, *.txt extensions.

A detailed description of this functionality is available under WIKI help, which is accessible across the whole application under ”?” symbol. The News section under WIKI also provides summary information on modifications and new functionalities of the latest version of the program.

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Based on my personal experience, I can say that Unick ONE is the best cloud accounting solution on the Slovak market.
Ján Sucha Accountant
Unick ONE is really user friendly, and very easy to orient in it. It remembers everything, which facilitates the following operations. Also well designed invoices look very nice. And most important, it is simple.
Mgr. Lucia Gažová bakery Lulus, s.r.o.

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