Working with documents

We strive to assist our users by facilitating their work as much as possible, and as an evidence thereof, we provide our users with extended options in working with documents. We want processing of your data in HELIOS One to be fast, simple and intuitive. Therefore, we also strive to improve the existing functionalities, so that individual activities in the system are performed with even more comfort.

One of the most popular and most frequently used functionalities in HELIOS One is the option of downloading documents directly to the application. Now, we provide extended options of subsequent dealing with those documents.

There are various documents saving options including:
- businessmen can use the mobile application to send a photo of a document
- additionally, each user (accounting and entrepreneur) can download a file into his/her computer or tablet.
Thus, from now on, it is possible to add this way files in various formats, e.g., a Word document or a pdf document, which will certainly facilitate your work.

Through the new functionality, we offer to you the option to match an annex with an existing posted document. It means that you can add a document – an annex to a document previously created in your accounting using the ”Add Link” action. After clicking on the action, choose the type and number of the document, to which the annex is to be added. The number of annexes that can be added to an existing document is unlimited.

Of course, there were no changes to ”Process document” option that you already use to create a printable document from a downloaded file.
For more details about this great functionality visit our WIKI – ”Documents for Processing” section.

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Amendments to Invoicing section

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User experiences

I appreciate the possibility for our customers to get online access to the information system and work with one common dataset.
Iveta Mencáková ASIENTO - accounting company
I can work easily with invoices and thanks to the access for my accountant I have confidence that I'm doing everything right.
Danka Lakotová

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