Amendments to Invoicing section

Minor upgrades were also made in Invoicing, in both business and accounting profiles. We added a couple of new and useful options to further facilitate and simplify your day-to-day work with HELIOS One.

1. In the New Invoice-Out form, two new items can be found, namely:

  • Member state of delivery – you can choose the EU member state where you deliver your goods or services. This item has been added for the needs of the Issued Invoice form.
  • Create Credit Note - we bring a new (other) way of how to make a credit note, using the New Invoice button. After opening the form, check the Credit Note cell, and the credit note (or to put it more precisely – document correcting the invoice) will be made.

2. In the New Invoice-In form, we added a new item:

  • Create Credit Note – similarly to the above described item, in the New Invoice-In form, a new Credit Note field has been added for you to check to create a credit note.

3. In the Issued invoice form, we added the following items:

  • Member state of delivery - you can choose the EU member state where you deliver your goods or services. The item is in the footer of the invoice.
  • Delivery Note No. – this items serves for adding the number of the delivery note from which the invoice has been created.

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User experiences

As an accountant I appreciate that the system is always up to date without the need for updates.
Janka ASIENTO - accounting company
Unick ONE is really user friendly, and very easy to orient in it. It remembers everything, which facilitates the following operations. Also well designed invoices look very nice. And most important, it is simple.
Mgr. Lucia Gažová bakery Lulus, s.r.o.

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