New functionalities in the Property section

We paid much attention to the Property section and our effort resulted in adding several new functionalities and options which are essential in accounting for non-current assets. We are pleased to provide you with a brief description of these improvements to ensure a comprehensive set of tools for accounting for non-current assets. The Property section is only available in the accounting profile.

· We improved the option to suspend tax and book depreciation. In the Change in property, we added the following options:
- Suspension of tax depreciation,
- Suspension of book depreciation,
- Cancel suspension of tax depreciation,
- Cancel suspension of book depreciation.

· We improved the option of partial disposal of non-current assets. Besides full disposal of assets, the option Property Disposal has been improved by adding options for partial disposals. The relevant disposal protocols differ depending in the way of disposal.

· For the Czech legislation, we added a new option - disposal of property by sale, with calculation of a half tax depreciation charge.

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Minor, but useful amendments to the application

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Amendments to Invoicing section

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