Minor, but useful amendments to the application

There are various ”minor improvements” added to the new version of the application; which, however, are attractive enough to be worth mentioning. We believe these improvements will make you happy, and further enhance your comfort with HELIOS One and easy use thereof.

  1. Number of entries displayed in the window – from now on, you can find the numerical indication of the number of entries in the last line of every window. The functionality is available in the accounting profile only.
  2. Optional insertion of an attachment to the form in the ”Contact Us” section– as sometimes seeing is better than reading a description (which mostly applies to our work :-), in order to ensure a more simple communication with our users, we provide you with the option to add an attachment to the form sent from the application to hot-line. We believe that this would further improve the support provided by our hot-line. The option to add an attachment is available to users of both accounting and business modules.
  3. From now on, accountants can print the Price Offer Approval and Delivery Noteoptions in three language versions, similarly to invoices-out and issued proforma invoices. Besides Slovak, from now on, the aforementioned documents can also be sent in English and German. However, it needs to be mentioned that the software only translates the text of the form, not the text written by you or descriptions of items on the invoice.
  4. The Reminder, Receipt, VAT Invoice to Received Payment have been redesigned and modified to match visually with other documents. The amendments can be seen by accountants only as these forms are a part of the accounting module.

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As an accountant I appreciate that the system is always up to date without the need for updates.
Janka ASIENTO - accounting company
I recommend Unick ONE, because it is clear, simple to use, and if you need, hotline staff advise you at any time.
Mgr. Soňa Rebrová publishers Bestseler

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