Enhanced WIKI Help

You surely know our WIKI Help providing full-wording HELIOS One manuals. Here, you can find detailed description for all agendas and functionalities used and processed in HELIOS One. The descriptions are updated on a regular basis depending on amendments and enhancements of the application and based on legislative changes.

To keep you even better informed of everything provided by HELIOS One, new sections Newsand Legislativewere added to WIKI. These sections will provide you with summary reports on amendments made and information on enhancements of the latest versions of the software.

For those, who do not know our WIKI, yet: it can be found under ”?” symbol on all levels of the program. All topics have been processed in WIKI separately and sorted by the menu so that you can always easily find a necessary information.

We hope that our WIKI, including the new added sections, makes your work with HELIOS One easier and more transparent :-).

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I appreciate the possibility for our customers to get online access to the information system and work with one common dataset.
Iveta Mencáková ASIENTO - accounting company
I can work easily with invoices and thanks to the access for my accountant I have confidence that I'm doing everything right.
Danka Lakotová

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