New actions were added to options frequently used by you

In our application, we think of details which can be used to facilitate your work. This time, we are bringing copying options in the accounting profile, which are mainly aimed to save your time and to improve efficiency of your work. This involves implementation of a number of options, which would make your work even easier and faster.

To be more specific, the following new actions were added above windows for your convenience since today:

· Action - Copy a Cash Journal item
· Action - Copy a bank statement item
· Action - Copy a cash voucher in local currency
· Action - Copy an internal document
· Action - Copy a sub-account

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Amendments to the accounting profile

A number of new functions and options were added to HELIOS One accounting profile. Brief description of thereof is provided in the following lines. We believe that the new amendments will bring to you more comfort in use of our HELIOS One software.Fo...

Enhanced WIKI Help

You surely know our WIKI Help providing full-wording HELIOS One manuals. Here, you can find detailed description for all agendas and functionalities used and processed in HELIOS One. The descriptions are updated on a regular basis depending on amendm...

User experiences

I appreciate the possibility for our customers to get online access to the information system and work with one common dataset.
Iveta Mencáková ASIENTO - accounting company
I recommend Unick ONE, because it is clear, simple to use, and if you need, hotline staff advise you at any time.
Mgr. Soňa Rebrová publishers Bestseler

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