Amendments to the accounting profile

A number of new functions and options were added to HELIOS One accounting profile. Brief description of thereof is provided in the following lines. We believe that the new amendments will bring to you more comfort in use of our HELIOS One software.

For more detailed descriptions of the functionality see the complete WIKI manual directly in WIKI under ” ? ” icon; you will always find information on the topic and issues that you are just in.

1. Annual financial statements in single-entry accounting

Annual financial statements include Statement of income and expenses and Statement of assets and liabilities. Lines of the statement falling under the part Additions and Disposals are calculated by the application using the data from the Cash Journal. Assets and Liabilities lines are calculated across all records - Property, Warehousing, Invoicing and Cash Journal. If necessary, these lines can be manually adjusted or amended and amounts of items shown on the statement which were automatically calculated by the application, can be corrected manually.

2. New compilations from sales/purchase ledgers for single-entry accounting

In Sales/Purchase Ledger option you can see the status of each invoice as at the present or any other chosen date.

You can choose the following:

· Type of invoice for which you want to display
Examples can include: Invoices-Out, Invoices-Out DR – CR, Proforma Invoices-Out, Proforma Invoices-Out accounting view, Tax documents on received payment, Invoices-In, Invoices-In DR – CR, Proforma Invoices-In, Proforma Invoices-In accounting view, Tax documents on payments made.
· By matching, you can choose invoices: Matched or Unmatched.
· By date: you can choose the date as at which you want to have the ledger displayed.

Additionally, you can use one of the following two forms of displaying your receivables:
· Receivables or payables by documents
· Receivables or payables by companies

3. We also bring new financial statements for double-entry accounting in Slovak legislation

The financial statements are designed for standard units of account and for micro units as defined in legislation valid since 2014. You can print out the prepared financial statements in a pdf format, or export them in xml format and then further import them to the Financial Administration portal.

4. Optional sending of VAT returns to the Tax Administration portal - for Czech legislation

For registered users that are governed by Czech legislation, we modified filing of VAT returns for EPO. The modification in filing VAT returns included: VAT returns and Sales List for the Tax Administration portal EPO2.

5. In Property section, there is a new option of registration of changes in non-current assets

In the application, we added the option to register changes in non-current assets such as: reclassification of assets in other depreciation group or change in the asset registration number. The changes are made through – Registration date of change in assets– with the date as at which you want to enter the changes in non-current assets or through – Reg. No. of the asset.

6. The application was also enhanced by adding the ”Accounting Journal” – list of items on accounting documents

The Accounting Journal provides an overview of all accounting documents, organised chronologically and proving accounting for all accounting transactions.
Compilation of the accounting journal provides all important information of each entry, such as: abbreviation of the document, document number, date of the document, description of the accounting transaction, sub-account, DR amount and CR amount – in local and foreign currencies, ...

These options can be further modified, documents can be filtered and thus you can create own summaries from existing accounting documents. The created lists can be either printed out or exported to xls format.

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